Colposcopy is the use of a special microscope designed to allow examination of the cervix and vagina to look for abnormal cells. It may be used because you had an abnormal result on your cervical screening test or if you are experiencing symptoms which require magnified examination.

If you require this procedure, I will use a speculum to examine you in a similar way to when your doctor collects a cervical smear test. The colposcope is on a stand and does not touch you but allows me to see your cervix and vagina in much greater detail.

The colposcope can also be used to closely examine the vulva. Women with vulval conditions often have symptoms, such as itchiness or pain and some may notice a lesion on their skin.

In some circumstances, a small piece of tissue (biopsy) may be needed to confirm what we are seeing. It does not necessarily mean that there are abnormalities but will help make a diagnosis and to determine if any further treatment is needed.