Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is another form of minimally invasive surgery. It utilises a robotic system which is attached to the ports placed in the patient’s abdomen to assist the surgeon to perform the operation. The instruments are controlled by the surgeon, who is seated in a console away from the operating table. The vision provided by this technology is both 3-dimensional and in high definition, delivering the most detailed views of the patient’s anatomy to the surgeon.

This form of surgery provides all the advantages of laparoscopic surgery with the added benefits of improved vision and better range of movement and ergonomics to the surgeon. It has been shown to be of particular benefit in overweight and obese patients.

In gynaecological cancer, the treatment of endometrial cancer is the most common reason to use the robotic platform. It has been utilised in select cases of cervical and ovarian cancer in exceptional circumstances.

It is important to know that robotic surgery is only available at certain, mainly private, hospitals. It is expensive and not always covered by Australian private health funds. It is important that you check that your insurance policy includes coverage for the use of the robot in your surgery.