Gynaecological cancer

Gynaecological cancer refers to cancers originating from the female genital tract - uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina and vulva. With the exception of endometrial cancer (cancer originating from the lining of the uterus), they are relatively rare compared with other cancers diagnosed in the community and so expert opinion from a gynaecologist with specific training in cancer surgery is recommended.

By being referred to a gynaecological oncologist, your doctor is seeking specialist advice to determine if surgery can be used to cure or treat the cancer once it has been diagnosed. In the majority of cases, a diagnosis has already been made through a biopsy or other test, however in others, there may be a high suspicion for cancerous changes sufficient for you to need an operation to diagnose and treat your symptoms all at the same time.

Using  a combination of history, physical examination, pathology tests and radiological imaging, I will be able to determine the best surgical management for you. I am skilled in all aspects of gynaecological cancer surgery and have extensive training in minimally invasive (laparoscopic/robotic) and open abdominal surgery. 

In some complex cases, the expertise of other surgical specialists may be required to provide the best possible care during your operation. Sometimes, gynaecological cancers also need treatment with chemotherapy, radiation, other medications or a combination of all three. In these cases, your case will be discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting with a group of cancer specialists to recommend a treatment plan that is best suited to your condition.