If an operation is recommended, your permission or consent for the procedure will need to be obtained. I have operating rights at a number of private hospitals around South-East Melbourne including Epworth Freemasons, Cabrini Malvern, and Holmesglen Private Hospital. You will be able to advise your availability for surgery at your consultation and we will aim to coordinate and confirm theatre dates as soon as possible.

Once surgery has been booked, a quote will be provided to you outlining:

  • The operation which has been planned,
  • The Medicare item numbers corresponding with the surgery, and
  • An estimated financial quote for the procedure based upon the item numbers anticipated for your procedure.

This quote is an estimate only as it is not always possible to anticipate the exact nature and complexity of the procedure/s which need to be carried out until the time of your operation. Prepayment of this estimated surgical fee is required before your operation date. Accordingly, your precise out-of-pocket cost may vary from the amount quoted and in the event that fees are different from the original quote, a final account/receipt will be issued to you after your surgery, at which time you will receive a refund or can claim further from your health fund and Medicare.

The provided quote covers Dr Yao’s services only and does not include fees from the anaesthetist, surgical assistant, hospital and other services (eg. pathology, radiology, pharmacy, allied health) associated with your surgery and recovery.

If you do not have private health insurance, I may recommend referral to a public gynaecology unit for ongoing treatment. Alternatively, if you wish to proceed with surgery as an uninsured private patient, a quote for your surgery can also be provided.

Generally, you will meet your anaesthetist on the day of surgery who will go through your history and discuss what anaesthetic and pain relief will be best suited for your procedure. In cases where you have a more complicated medical or anaesthetic history, you may receive a phone call from your anaesthetist prior to the day of surgery to clarify any issues.