Your first appointment

Prior to your first appointment, a referral from your doctor needs to be sent to my rooms for review to ensure that I am the right specialist to treat you. We will then make an appointment for you and will provide you with access to an online registration form which you'll need to complete prior to your appointment.

Your new patient appointment is the first opportunity for you to meet with me either in person or virtually as part of our COVIDSafe measures. For some patients who live far from Melbourne, an initial telehealth (video call) or telephone consultation may be more appropriate. However, if your first visit is performed virtually, you will need a follow-up appointment for physical examination in order to formulate a suitable treatment plan. Please let my reception staff know your preference for appointment type at the time of booking.

During your first consultation, you will have medical history taken and asked a number of questions about your current symptoms. Your doctor should have provided all the relevant investigations which have been performed before your appointment and these will be reviewed. You should have a list of your current medications, allergies and reactions also available for our records.

During your consultation you will undergo an examination, so I encourage you to wear comfortable clothing which can allow you to easily undress from the waist down. The examination will generally involve examination of your abdomen and pelvis, however on occasion, breast examination may also be appropriate. Pelvic examination is performed with a speculum followed by a digital examination. A chaperone may be provided on request.

Colposcopy may be required to assess the cervix, vagina and/or vulva. It is important that you do not have your period at the time of your appointment - please reschedule your appointment if this may be the case. Further detail regarding examination with colposcopy is provided here.

Generally, by the end of the consultation, a management plan will be made for future follow-up or treatment. If further tests need to be performed, you may be asked to return for another appointment to discuss these results and plan further management. This appointment can also be done in person or virtually.

Payment on the day of consultation would be most appreciated and Medicare claiming can be done on your behalf.